Les Chaumières Campagnardes - 2020 COVID 19 PROCEDURES

We are working very hard to minimise the risks of transmission of the coronavirus, and we ask all our guests to read this information carefully and agree to follow the procedures we have put in place to facilitate this.


Please try to keep us informed about your arrival time, and do not arrive before 4pm.

On arrival, I will greet just one person from your group and show them around the property.

Please respect the distancing rules during this tour and wear a mask when we are indoors.

The other members of your group should stay in the car or wait in the garden while this tour is being carried out.


Hygeine Measures

We will disinfect the items listed here before your arrival

All Rooms


Living / Dining Area


Outdoor Areas

Light Switches


Dining Table

Shower Screens

Pool ladders

Door Handles


Dining Chairs

 Shower Curtains


Window Handles


Remote Controls

 Shower Taps


Cupboard Handles





Drawer Handles



Wash basin



Coffee maker






 Bedside Tables






Dish Drainer




Washing up bowl




We ask all our guests to use the dish-washer  at 60o rather than washing up by hand, and to wash hands before removing items from the dishwasher. This should minimise the risk of virus transmission, but you may wish to re-wash items before you use them for the first time. Dishwasher tablets are provided.

We can not possibly disinfect all books, toys, games, DVDs and other non-essential items between each group of guests.  If you use any of these items, please take appropriate precautions. Wash hands before and after use.

Cushions and comfy throws which can host the virus have been removed both for your safety during your stay, and ours when we enter the property to prepare for the next guests. Throws have been replaced by covers that can be washed at 60o in between guests. We apologise in advance if these are not quite as attractive as our normal decor.

 Hydro-alcoholic gel will be provided for use during your stay, but this is not a substitute for regular hand washing which remains the single most important measure to help prevent the spread of the virus. If you bring disposable masks or gloves for shopping or eating out, please place them into a small plastic bag (nappy bags supplied in the bathrooms are ideal for this) and tie up the bag before placing in the normal household waste bins in the kitchen or bathroom.


We will continue to prepare the beds for your arrival, but we will be using one single pillow per person, instead of two, so that we can rotate use between guests.


Please open all windows to allow air to circulate on the morning of your departure.

Please strip sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases from the beds and place them, along with tea towels, hand towels and bath-mats  in the bags provided for this purpose. Tie up the laundry sacks and place them outside the front door of the property.  

Throw away used disposable blue kitchen cloths. The bags from the household waste bins should be tied up and placed in the green wheelie bins near the bread oven. Recycling bins should be emptied into the yellow topped wheelie bin near the bread oven.

We have to be stricter than ever about departure times this year, as it takes longer than normal to prepare the accommodation for in-coming guests.  

Please ensure that your property is vacated by 11am at the latest.





Guest Comments

Bonjour Un très bon accueil, disponibilité et service attentionné. J'étais avec ma compagne et mon fils de 9 mois, nous avions l'impression que tout ce dont nous avions besoin dans notre quotidien é ...

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